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  • Shocking facts about sahih bukhari
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  • Shocking facts about sahih Muslim
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  • virtues of Ahalalbait in Termidhi
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  • Proof of califhate of imam Ali in Al Khasais
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Hazrat Abu Talib recited the sermon of Nikkah of the Prophet(pbuh) with Lady Khadija

We have presented the special article about the beloved Uncle of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Please read that article here.

Abu Talib, the beloved uncle of the Prophet who was the guardian of the Prophet,. Allah gave him the responsibility and honour to bring up the last Messenger of Allah while the Holy Prophet was child and orphen. The Holy Prophet grown up safely in the protection of Abu Talib. As we have presented the documentary proof that Abu Talib was informed by Abdul Mutlib, grand father of the Prophet, that Mohammad (pbuh) is not like other kids, he is the special one and He is the Messenger of Allah. If we have the closer look at Abu Talib"s life that how he brought up his nephew, we can easily understand that Abu Talib is not only protecting his nephew but he  used all measures to protect the message of his nephew. Abu Talib not only protected his nephew Mohammad (pbuh), he gave full protection to Islam. The first invitation of Islam to the relatives of the Prophet was started from the home of Abu Talib.

We know very well that the ancester of the Holy Prophet were followers Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail. They have the concept of Allah (one God). They were not idols worshipers.

Abu Talib who recited the historicle Nikah sermon of the last Messenger of Allah with Lady Khadija (as). We have provided the screenshots in Urdu language from Madaraj al Nabuwah and Taareekh Ya,aqoobi. We can find this sermon in the history of Ibn e Khaldoon and many other books.

English translation of historicle sermon b y Abu Talib

All praises to Allah who made us the descendants of Ibrahim (as) through his son Ismael(as). we belong to the generation of Maad and Mudhar . He made us the guardian and leader of his home. He blessed his home for us that people come from all over for pilgrim of his home. He blessed us that anybody come for the pilgrim, those pilgrim are safe. Allah made us the leader of the people. After praising Allah, this nephew of mine Muhammad bin Abdullah is a young man that no one is equal to him from the tribe of Qurays. He is above all although he is not much wealthy. We know that wealth is not forever, this is the thing that Muhammad is a holy personality all the friends and relative acknowledge him and know him very well. Surely he is going to marry with khadija binte khuwaylid and I pay 20 camels for him from my own money as a dowry and I swear to Allah that my nephew will have great status after it. 

We can find the great wordings of Abu Talib about the Messenger of Allah. Abu Talib started this sermon by saying Al Hamdulillah ( All praises to Allah). We find these words in the Holy Quran. The Quran starts with these words Al Hamdulillah. We can easily understand that Abu Talib used these words in the Nikkah sermon of the Messnger of Allah. Allah liked these words and made these words part of the Holy Quran. Anyone who wants to recites the Holy Quran from the beggining, he starts with these words Al-hamdu lillah.

We can also find in this great sermon of Abu Talib that Abu Talib expressed his honour being the decenmdents of Prophet Ibrahim (as) and Ismail (as). It clearly means that Abu Talib had believe on the teachings of Prophet Ibrahim (as) that;swhy Abu Talib expresed his honour.

Those people who raise fingures towords the beloved uncle of the Holy Prophet Abu Talib that Abu Talib was non believer. We simply as question from them ! what is their opnion about the marriage of the Holy Prophet? do they think that the Prophet married with lady Khadija without Nikkah? If they cannot accept it that the Prophet cannot marry without Nikkah. Then they cannot show anybody else who recited the Nikkah of the last messenger of Allah except Abu Talib (as). If they cannot show anyone else except Abu Talib who recited the Nikkah of the Holy Prophet, how come a pagan recite the nikkah of the last Messenger of Allah? (astaghferullah)

At the end we want to share with our readers that only fault of Abu Talib is" He was the father of Imam Ali", due to this reason Ummayyad and their followers made fake narrations against him.

The sermon of Nikkah in Madaraj al Nabuwah (urdu) by Shah Abdul Haq Dehlavi





Sermon of Nikkah in the history of Ya,aqoobi (urdu)



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