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  • Shocking facts about sahih bukhari
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  • Shocking facts about sahih Muslim
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  • virtues of Ahalalbait in Termidhi
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  • Proof of califhate of imam Ali in Al Khasais
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Shia belief about Quran - Is there distortion in Quran ?

This is one of the most important topics when we come to Shia- Sunni issues. We have seen that our Sunni fellows cannot debate on their ideology which separates these two schools of thoughts. That ideology is Shia-Sunni point of view about Caliphate and Shia-Sunni point of view about Sahaba (the companions).

So our Sunni fellows run away and make the reason that we do not want to debate with Shias because they do not believe in Quran or Shias believe that there is distortion in Quran. By this way they try to run away and keep the people away from Shias.

This is just a propaganda and running tactics by our Sunni fellows.

Shias believe in same holy Quran, which are the words of Allah, there is no distortion in Quran that some part of Quran is missing or there is no extra addition.

Everywhere in the world, there is no other Quran. Shias memorize and recite this Quran days and nights. The foundation of Shia Islam is based on same Quran which is in the hands of all Muslims.

Quran is miracle of Islam and proof of the Prophethood of messenger of Allah, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

This is impossible there would distortion in Quran that some part of Quran is missing. Allah took the responsibility to preserve his words. (15:9) 

Indeed, it is we who sent down the Qur'an and indeed, we will be its guardian.”

It is impossible that there would be distortion or some portion is missing or something extra added in words of Allah. At the Day of Judgment people can make excuse very easily that O Allah, the words you sent for us those got mixed with right and wrong or missed from your book, that’s why we could not act upon it. So Allah took the responsibly himself to preserve these words.

Shias recite this hadiths of the Prophet days and nights that the holy left two weighty things for our guidance Quran and Ahlalbait.

If there is possible distortion in Quran, How come Quran can guide us? The words of Allah have to remain between us for the guidance of people, as holy Prophet gave us guarantee.

There are many narrations from Shia Imams but we mention one here. Ali ibn e Salim narrated from his father that I asked from Imam Jaafar Sadiq: What do you say about Quran? Imam answered that Quran is words of Allah, which Allah said; this is the book of Allah.

This is revelation of Allah which he sent down to his Prophet. This is highly Regarded book, unwarranted (BATIL) cannot enter in to it from rear or opposite. This is sent down for us from Judicious, Almighty Allah. (AL AMALI page 545).

We have given the verse of Quran, Hadith from the holy Prophet and reference from Imam E Sadiq. We have also given practical proof that there is not a single copy of Quran in the world which is other than this Quran which is in our hands.

All our great scholars, from Sheikh E Sadooq to Ayatollah Khoi, Ayatollah Khomeini, Ayatollah Sistani and Ayatollah Khamenei state that there is no distortion in Quran, nothing is missing or nothing is extra added in Quran.

Please read here statements of great Shia scholars in all the times.

For the Urdu readers please read the statement of Sheikh Sadooq on the page 83

But Sunnis blame Shia because of two reasons:

1-    There are narrations in Shia books about distortion of Quran

2-    A Shia scholar Sheikh Noori Tabrasi wrote his research about it.

Sheikh Noori Tabrasi whatever he wrote in his research, it is his personal point of view. It is not fair that Sunni fellows will throw it on whole Shia school of thought. Other Shia school scholars are not agreeing with Sheikh Tabrasi, s research.

Sunni fellows have thousands of scholars, who have very funny and un-Islamic views including ibne Tamiya, is it fair that we throw it on to all Sunnis that all Sunni scholars have those views?

Let us talk about narrations in Shia books: Shias do not claim any of their books of hadith that all narrations in that book are true. Shias have some principles about their narrations.

We check the chain narrators if it is trust worthy or not, even chain of narrators seems fine but the contents of that hadith contradict with Quran. We do not accept it.

We also check that narration on real practical grounds (daryatan); we also match that narration with other true Hadith, and then make the conclusion.

Shia scholars reject all those narrations which are about the distortion of Quran because of chains of narrators and many reasons. Some narrations can be interpreted that there is no change, no addition or nothing missing from the original revelation which Jibrail brought to the holy Prophet.

There is lots of bad stuff in Sunni books of Ahdaith: is it fair that Shias will throw on Sunnis that this is all Sunni belief?

All those books written against Islam and the holy Prophet including Suleiman Rushdie’s book, in those books, all narrations are taken from Sunni books of Hadith.

Sunni fellows have one school of thought between them. They call Ahl ul Quran. Their famous scholar is Ghulam Ahmad Pervez; they claim that books of hadith are like history, the stuff in the books of hadith is non-authentic. We cannot trust on Hadith. They deny the authenticity of Sunni hadith.

We just gave the picture of Sunni books of hadith that they have so much against Islam in their Ahadith.

We also want to share our words that this enough to bring bad name for Islam that we announce all narrations in Bukhari and Muslim are true.

Now we want to share some Sunni Aha-dith in their books about distortion of Quran. 

Please find the narration here.

Hadith from Ibn e Maja is narrated by Aisha (wife of the holy Prophet) says “The verse of RAJAM (stoning adulterer to death) was revealed and also the verse suckling 10 times to adult man was revealed, these both verses were written on paper and were under my pillow, when holy Prophet died, we were busy in his death, the goat (of home) entered and ate them (those two those verses)”.

We wanted to give English link of this hadith from this Wahhabi site www.Sunnah.com which we usually give, but unfortunately they ate chapters and chapters and thousands of narrations from their book of Hadith, Sunan ibn e Maja.

Our brothers and sisters can view by themselves; by clicking on Sunan ibn e Maja only few hundred narrations there on English website (They did the same thing with other books of Hadith because they do not want people to read their narrations in English).

The Arabic website which we posted it has 38 main Chapters and many sub-chapters, there are total narrations: 4328. We can compare how many narrations in English site.

It proves our point that there are thousands and thousands of narrations among Sunnis which they do not accept, even feel shy to share those with others. Look at Bukhari, The writer of Bukhari wasted 99 percent of narrations and selected only 1 percent. Among those 1 percent there are very shameful narrations insulting Allah (saw) and holy Prophet and also bringing bad name for Islam. We will also share narrations from Bukhari about distortion of Quran.

Shias do not have such book that they wasted 99 percent and selected 1 percent. Shias never announce about any of their book of hadith that all narrations are true there.

Please also remember our second point that if any scholar gives his opinion about any topic, or comes up with any research, it not is counted as belief of whole school of thought.

We are sharing (shameful) fatwa of two Wahhabi Saudi scholars about adult suckling, that if adult man wants to be MAHRAM of another adult lady (MAHRAM means that lady does not need to observe hijab, he becomes like her son), He can have suckling with that adult woman.

Please check the link.

Such opinion is based on those narrations which our Sunni fellows have in their books of hadith. We have shared above the hadith, Ayesha (wife of the Prophet) used to believe strongly and she used to tell people about it, that adult man can have suckling with adult woman and can become her Mahram (son). That’s why we can find such narration by Ayesha that there was a verse about it.

Such narrations are also in Muslim which is another authentic book of hadith like Bukhari. 

Please find those narrations here in Sahih Muslim,

Please find some more shocking facts about adult suckling in Sunni books of Ahadith.

If any scholar will come up with such shameful opinion on the basis of such narrations, is it fair that we throw it to all Sunnis?

Now we want to share the narrations about distortion of Quran from Sahih Al Bukhari which is the most authentic Sunni book of hadith.

Here is the link from Bukhari.

In this narration Umar bin Khattab states that verse of RAJAM is missing from Quran.

Please read the same narration in Sahih Muslim that verse of Rajam is missing from Quran.

(We know that there is no verse of RAJAM in Quran, this law is proven by the Sunnah of the Prophet But (mother) Ayesha says goat ate the verse and Umar bin Khattab wanted to write in Quran with his own hands.)

We are giving the link from Wahhabi Saudi site also screenshot in Arabic PDF Another shot from Urdu website Urdu PDF .

Please read another narration in Bukhari which shows a great companion of The Holy Prophet used to say that last two Surahs are not the part of Holy Quran!

Please read another narration in Sahih Muslim about distortion of Quran.

There is lot more stuff in Sunni books about the distortion of Quran. But we do not want to make this article longer .We are providing a link from answering-ansar.org for detailed article about distortion of Quran.


We want to remind our Sunni fellows that those people who live in the homes made of glass, if they throw stone on others, their own home will get destroyed easily because those are made up of glass

We also want to say to our Muslim brothers and sisters that if they are sincere with Islam and holy Quran they should not provide material and proofs in the hands of others. So they could attack easily on Islam. They could make stories that Sunni - Shia both sources say that there is distortion in Quran.

Alhamdulillah both Shia Sunni believe that there is no distortion in Quran, those narrations in both sources are not true. Quran is word of Allah, there will be no distortion forever.

We believe in this short article we have provided the grounds to understand this matter.

Those they have fear of Allah and are sincere with Islam will stay away by falsely accusing each other that you guys do not believe in Quran.

May Allah(swt) guide those who seek for truth and send blessings to holy Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) and his Ahlalbait

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