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  • Shocking facts about sahih Muslim
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  • Shocking facts about sahih bukhari
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  • Shocking facts about sahih Muslim
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  • virtues of Ahalalbait in Termidhi
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  • Proof of califhate of imam Ali in Al Khasais
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This is our last article of our series introduction to Islam. We want to say here if someone wants to know about Islam he/she should try to look in Quran or in the sayings of Prophet Mohammad. If we try to look Islam with the action of any Muslim or any Muslim leader, we cannot find the reality of Islam which exists on the face of earth.

Islam and Muslims are two different things. If someone claims being Muslim, it is not necessary that person is following the rules of Islam, even it is not necessary that such person truly understand Islam because there are lots of wrong interpretations on the name of Islam.

We should not mix two different things together, in other words we should not mix apples and oranges together. We should analyze apples as apples and oranges as oranges.

There is lot more to say on this subject about the political situation of Muslim world throughout the history and current situation. We simple want to say here that Islam does not own those actions which were performed by the Muslims after the death of Prophet Mohammad, for example attacking on others lands and treating others as they got treated after by the Muslims after those wars.

This is political matter which is related with the actions of those people. We also know that politically Muslims remained super power in the world for many centuries, they defeated Europe and Iranians, two super powers of that time and now Muslim world is not in good condition politically.

We want to say here about the current situation of Muslim world. We can say that there is dictatorship in all around the Muslim world. This is the rote cause of all evil things in Muslim world. We can see in some countries some specific families are ruling through generation to generation and in some countries 1 percent class is ruling upon 99 percent with army power or other means and in some countries some dictators suppressed the whole country. We know the example of Sadam, Gadhafi and Hosni Mubarak.

These dictators kept their populations ignorant and illiterate and suppressed them by all the means. So the people would not be able to take charge of government from them. These dictators who created many problems for the people, for example religious extremism is one of those problems which is itself created by the rulers and their agencies. These religious dictators keep on black mailing the rest of the world that support our rule otherwise these religious extremist will take over, then there will be problem for the rest of the world.

We also see more interesting things that these dictators in Arab world are given government by the West (UK). These are western powers that brought these families in to power and gave them Governments. We can see that all bad things are happening in Saudi Arabia, like people have no right for voting, women cannot drive and lots of other bad things. We can also see that it is USA and UK who are backing up the Saudi Govt. We just gave one example there are lot more examples can be given that actually these are Western powers that have double standards, they are the one who are backing up these bad rulers in Muslim world. These are political games and games of interests which is not easy for a common person to understand what’s wrong with the Muslims World.

If people get suppressed and they grow up in that environment where there is no education, no educated environment in society and religious extremism because lack of education. We can imagine which kind of mentality will grow up!

We cannot really blame Islam but we have to blame the system. We can see many wrong things in Western countries which are against the teachings of Christianity, is it right we blame the Christian religion? Off course it is not right. Christian religion does not allow those bad things but people do it. Something Islam does not allow those things but people do it.

We can see lot more interesting things these Islamic religious extremist groups itself are created by West. For example extremist version of Islam, Wahhabi Islam which is official religion in Saudi and many Arab countries, itself created by British spy Hampher. This religion was established in 1737 by Mohamad Ibne Abdul Wahab. This religion was officially introduced by Saudi Government backed up by British Government.

We also know this that such extremist ideas got spreaded in poor Muslim countries like Pakistan, Philippine and others with Saudi money and people think that anything which comes from Saudi that is Islam. But actually it is not Islam. Is it Islam that women cannot drive?

We can see much more interesting that Osama bin Laden and Taliban who brought the bad name for Islam and Muslim this is actually product of USA. USA made them against Russia with the cooperation of Saudi Arabia and Pakistani intelligence. USA wanted to take revenge of Vietnam War from Russia. They established these groups. After the defeat of Russia, this is USA who brought Talibans in power in Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan Army.

Now USA wanted to use Taliban against Iran. Because Iran is next Afghanistan and main opponent of USA (Iran is a Shia country and Taliban are Sunni extremists). The War could not start between Taliban and Iran because of Iranian smart leadership. Later on Osama bin Laden started his activities against USA and whole game of USA got turned around.

We believe this is enough to understand that Islam and Muslims are two different things we should not mix them together.

May Allah (swt) guide those who seek for truth and send your blessings to holy prophet Mohammad and his Ahlalbait.

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