Fake narrations for Umar bin Khattab شیطان عمر بن خطاب سے بھاگتا تھا.......جبکہ حضور پاک پر حالت نماز میں حملے کرتا تھا

There are lots of fake narrations made for Umar bin Khattab. We want to provide the proof of our claim. 

Please find this narration in Bukhari that Saitan tried his best on holy Prophet while he was praying. 



003a Fake narrations for Umar bin Khattab


Please find the other narration in same chapter that Saitan runs away from Umar and changes his way from him.




003b Fake narrations for Umar bin Khattab

We can imagine how these narrations were made for some people that Satan never leaves the holy prophet who is the head of prophet, closest creation near to Allah. Satan tries on him, even prophet is praying, while run away from Umar bin Khattab.

We believe , we have provided enough informations about Umar bin Khattab from Bukhari, now we move to our next topic about companions in Bukhari