Umar bin Khattab vs Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) عمر بن خطاب حضور پاک کے مخلافت میں

There are many narrations in Bukhari about it. We are posting one. Here is the narration:



012a Umar bin Khattab vs Prophet Muhammadpbuh

If we pay attention on this narration, Umar bin Khattab attcked on Prophet's mental condition (astaghferullah) that Prophet is seriously ill.

Hadith e Qirtas is very famous in Bukhari and Muslim that holy Prophet asked for pen and paper to write something for his companion, so they won't astray from right path. Umar bin Khattab led that group of companions who refused to give it to the Prophet, they quarrelled in front of Prophet and the Prophet sent them away from him. 

In this narration they translated the word íóåúÌõÑõ as unconsciousness for the Prophet but actually it is someone say the things while he is not to himself. This is sever insult of the Prophet while the Prophet asked them to give me pen and paper, then the Prophet sent them out . Please find the narration 


If the holy Prophet was unconsciousness, then why the Prophet (pbuh) said to them - go away from here, do not quarrel here?

There are so many verses in Quran always telling us that Obey the mesenger of Allah, anything Prophet gives you take it, if the Prophet stops you from anything, stop it. But we find something diferent in companions.