Contradiction of Abu Hurairah with (mother) Ayesha

This is a Wahhabi website. They did not write the English translation of whole hadith because it exposes their ideology.

In this hadith Ayesha (wife of The Prophet) tells this story that Allah's Apostle used to remain in the state of Janaba until morning after having sexual relations with his wives. He would then take a bath and fast.

While Abu Hurairah, contradicts with Ayesha in this hadith. According to Abu Hurairah in this situation one cannot continue his fasting. His fasting is invalid.

In the sharia law, if someone has sex with his wife, he/she must take bath before morning prayer time enters; otherwise fasting is invalid that’s why Abu Hurairah contradicted with Ayesha (wife of the Prophet).

The problem with our Sunni brother is that they got 50 percent Islam from Ayesha and 50 percent from Abu Hurairah. It is very hard for them when those two personalities contradict with each other.

aysha and abu hurayra